Better tool for car maintenance – Fixd

Are you looking for a better solution for the maintenance of the car? You should install the fixd device in your car. With the help of this amazing device, you get pre-notification about the technical faults and other problems in advance on your mobile phone. This device is very easy to install in the car and you can stay connected with it by a smart android application. This tool has to gain dramatic popularity because of its several unique features and easiness to use.
How fixd works
The device can be connected to the cars easily and there are no additional installation charges for this. You can plug & play this device with OBD-II port. This port is available in the vehicles which are manufactured after the year of 1996. So you must make sure that your vehicle has this port to run this device smoothly.

The device has a very strong sensor which is capable of detecting the various engine related problems in advance. Before the check engine light turn on, this device will let you know about the actual problem. This device can be attached to the Smartphone with by Bluetooth connection. The language which is used in this application is easily understandable for a person who does not have any specific technical knowledge.
Unique qualities
You can take effective steps in advance by getting massages by it. This way you will be able to reduce the unnecessary sudden maintenance charges of your vehicle. There are more than 6800 technical faults which can be detected by this device. This way you will have better knowledge about the card and check the health and status of the car. The application makes it very easy to keep watch on your multi vehicles simultaneously. The best part is the Fixd Company also provides great customer services. You can expect better and longer life of your vehicle engine after installing this device. So place your order today and be a smart user.

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